What is Calorie Bank? Turn your daily activities into money.

The world’s first Calorie Bank – what is it?

At the beginning of July, the latest version 2.6 of the smartphone app BeStimulated was released in the AppStore and Google Play. The application is created in Latvia, and it has been declared to the world as the first Calorie Bank.

What does a Calorie Bank means?

The principle is very simple – it has been calculated that a person burns an average of 2400 kcal a day; over the lifetime – about 60 million. The energy is consumed to provide basic functioning of the body and to process the consumed food but mostly it is spent during the daily activities – walking or running. BeStimulated counts these calories and deposits them in the user’s Calorie Bank account. It is an opportunity for everyone to top up their account with activity alone and head towards the first million of calories… Why not?

Nowadays such daily activity as walking has become a public problem, particularly in highly developed countries. We lack movement, choose comfortable transportation, although most of the daily route could be done by foot. The aim of BeStimulated is to promote walking.

It is amazing if walking not only improves your physical shape and health and contributes to environmental responsibility but also gives tangible benefits. The funds deposited on the account of BeStimulated Calorie Bank soon will be legible to be spent on discounts at our partners for various daily needs – to have a pizza, morning coffee, entertainment or recreation activities, shopping or other desires and necessities.

How to use BeStimulated?

The app has been purposefully created for its use to be as simple and convenient as possible, moreover it collects the telemetry data of smartphones automatically – there is no need to activate it before every walk to work or local store; just open the app in the evening to see how many calories you have deposited in your account that day. Another advantage is the small size of the application – only 25 megabits; also, on a daily basis, the app does not require internet connection, which means minimal battery consumption.

To start using BeStimulated first download it from the App Store or Google Play, depending on the operational system of your smartphone. User registration is possible in three ways – with Whatsapp or e-mail, with the convenient Account Kit or Facebook for Android users. Registration through Facebook will soon be available also for iOS. It is advised to use the same type of authentication when logging in to the user profile.

The next step is filling in the profile, which allows the system to accurately determine the number of calories consumed while walking or running and the user can compare their daily performance with others.

How to spend the calories?

Soon it will be possible to spend the calories on discounts at our partners, while July is the time to collect the first calories in the Calories Bank account. BeStimulated is based on a simple calculation – for daily activities without a significant change in the habits, the user can have at least 2-3 offers from our partners. The calculation is 15 kilocalories for each 1% of discount. Therefore, if our partner offers a 20% discount for a pizza, then 300 kilocalories must be transferred from your Calorie Bank.

Not only a Calorie Bank

Since the first BeStimulated version released 3 years ago had many Fitness Tracker features partly this functionality is maintained also in this version. This allows to keep track of daily activities from different aspects – the calories consumed, the number of steps or the total distance, the assessment of daily activity, as well as the weekly or monthly activity. This is useful information for awareness of the actual amount of our daily activities. It can be another inspiration to leave the car keys at home and walk to work, your customers, to the store or any other destination.

There are many reasons for BeStimulated to become an easy-to-use app necessary for daily activities. Join us – download, register and become a millionaire of calories!